18-11-2014Multi function Powerbank en starthulp 16000Mah

    Multi function Powerbank and Jumpstarter All in One

With this powerpack you can easily start every 12V vehicle with a massive high starting current. 600Amps peak current will start any car with a low battery voltage. Another big option is the laptop charging function with 3 voltages 12V/16V and 19V so every laptop voltage is present.

- Capaciteit 16000Mah
- Input 15V-1A
- Input 12V cigaret lighter
- Output Laptop charging 12V/16V and 19V
- USB 5V-2,1A
- Starting function: peak current 600A and starting current 300A
- Weight 450Grams

- Cycle life > 1000 times
For charging Mobile phones,PSP.Mp3-players,camera, laptop,tablets,PDA,Ipad,Iphone
- even the new Iphone 6 charging connection included